The Homesteading and Urban Redevelopment Corporation (HURC) plans to build four, 1,500 square foot town homes on currently vacant lots in the Bond Hill community. Each of these town homes will be duplex developments that have three bedrooms and 2 and½ baths, and an open floor plan on the first floor. The development will focus on energy conservation and include energy-efficient HVAC system and ceiling fans as well as energy star appliances. Each townhome will have its own laundry facility and on-site parking. The proposed development sites are at 1303, 1307, and 1309 Regent Avenue and are all vacant residential lots owned by the Hamilton County Reutilization Corporation (Landbank). City of Cincinnati has granted $2.5 million to The Port for gap funding for new construction homes throughout the city. As a managed entity of The Port, HURC will be utilizing these granted ARPA funds to assist in covering the gap for the Bond Hill project.