The Tudor home on Chickering had a gaping hole in the roof and was so jam packed with boxes, papers and furniture that there were no visible signs of stairs to the second floor. The house, vacant and abandoned for nearly a decade, was brought to the HURC team’s attention by a neighbor who lived across the street, the former director of the Camp Washington Community Board.

When the contractor began to repair the hole in the roof, it became apparent that what was thought to be an attic was really a full second floor with stairs leading it up to it from the kitchen. Through the renovation, the HURC team was able to make the second floor a master suite with the addition of a new bathroom and large closet.

Tyree Sherrer attended an open house and brought her realtor back right away. She’s now a proud resident in Spring Grove Village. “The HURC did an amazing job with my house, I fell in love with the kitchen and bathroom right away,” shared Sherrer. She’s met many of her neighbors and joined the community garden up the street. With all the counter space and cabinets in her new kitchen, she’s started cooking again – a true passion.

The HURC team chose to acquire this house because the neighborhood is on the upswing with new investment by private developers. The price and sale of the home on Chickering helped establish comps for existing homes in the neighborhood.


Sherrer recently graduated from Miami University, has a full time job and is proud to be a first time homeowner. Now, with more space in her new home, she can have her granddaughter visit and spend the night because the house has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms.