“This conference will explore ways to uplift our Black and Brown communities through homeownership which builds individual wealth and will ultimately help Cincinnati create a more vibrant, diverse, resilient, and equitable community. The most significant indicator of systemic racism in the United States is the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites. The disparity in homeownership accounts for a significant part of that wealth gap. The gap in Cincinnati could not be more clear. Black homeownership in Cincinnati is around 31% while white homeownership is around 73% – a 42% gap.

As we seek to address the crisis in affordable housing there is the need to look at this deeper, systemic issue of the wealth gap. This means addressing the question not only in terms of subsidized rental markets but also in terms of homeownership and fair housing.”

Deborah Robb, Director of the Homesteading & Urban Redevelopment Corporation, will be presenting on the panel reviewing Public and Private Partnerships at 12:45. We hope you can join us for the conference!

Register Here: https://hopin.com/events/race-wealth-and-homeownership-49deb11f-ac63-403d-be8e-f7526431a0a2#top