In 2010 Kennedy Heights Development Corporation (KHDC) was selected as the recipient of a $200,000 grant under the City of Cincinnati’s Neighborhood Housing Initiative.

Cincinnati City Council selected Kennedy Heights to be one of five neighborhoods to receive federal money for the acquisition, rehabbing and re-selling of four residences. The program requires eligible neighborhood properties to have been vacant and to have gone through a foreclosure. KHDC’s Board of Directors established a committee to lead the effort to work with the City of Cincinnati and The Homesteading and Urban Redevelopment Corporation (HURC) to identify suitable properties and determine the feasibility of rehabbing and re-selling the homes.

KHURC entered into a contract with the City of Cincinnati under the City’s Neighborhood Homes Initiative to facilitate the acquisition and rehab of foreclosed properties in 2009. HURC was organized and established in 1976 by the City of Cincinnati under the HUD 810 Urban Homesteading Program. They are a 501.c.3 not-for-profit corporation which operates with a volunteer board of directors. It’s Executive Director, Ed Rust, was a former member of the Board and is past President of Centennial Savings Bank. In the past 33 years, HURC has been responsible for the rehab of over 700 houses, including 4 in the past year using the HUD Good Neighbor Program to acquire vacant properties.

KHDC’s Housing Selection subcommittee is chaired by Melissa Wolfe McNally, a volunteer and Davenant resident. (Melissa’s father, Jim Wolfe) was also a volunteer with KHDC’s predecessor organization.) This is the first time in 30 years that a Kennedy Heights organization has been involved in rehabbing.

Work to date has involved the study of nearly two dozen properties that fit the federal criteria. KHDC’s goal is to stem the decline of property values within the neighborhood while improving the overall quality of the neighborhoods housing stock.

The following properties have been selected as a result of exhaustive research and feasibility studies by HURC and KHDC. Each of the four properties are at various stages of acquisition, renovation and repair:

6640 Kennedy Ave

  • KHDC and HURC identified the property during the fall of last year.
  • A contractor was selected and has completed substantial renovations to the home. The contractor is waiting for the weather to clear to complete the driveway and patio
  • Once the property is placed on the market, HURC hopes to sell it for $95,000.00

3922 Odin Ave

  • KHDC and HURC identified the property late last year.
  • A contractor has been selected and work has begun on the property.
  • The furnace, air conditioning and drywall have been installed and the balance of work is scheduled to be completed this spring.

3707 Zinsle Ave

  • KHDC and HURC identified the property late last year.
  • Specifications for repairs on the property will be completed during the week of March 1
  • Once the specs have been completed, a Meet & Confer session will be scheduled with potential contractors.
  • Work is expected to begin this spring with completion during early to mid-summer.

6508 Iris Ave

  • KHDC and HURC identified the property early this year.
  • HURC expects to close on the purchase of this property on February 24
  • KHDC hopes that repairs can be completed and the property can be listed for sale by Late Summer.
  • We look forward to returning each property to a more valuable neighborhood asset while increasing the supply of quality, owner-occupied housing.

KHDC is also 501.c.3 not-for-profit corporation which operates with a volunteer board of directors. KHDC works to support the development goals and objectives of Kennedy Heights Community Council with a focus on the improvement of neighborhood housing and the Montgomery Road Corridor. KHDC volunteers have given a great deal of time and effort to this rehabbing initiative, and we are learning a great deal. We are committed to continuing housing redevelopment efforts for many years and invite neighbors to contact Melissa or Ernie Barbeau (Chairman of the KHDC Board) if they have any interest in learning more about the program or eligible properties within the neighborhood.